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Thank you for dropping by our website. Our goal is to promote Square Dancing by providing information on dancing in East Texas and providing information on special dances/events that might be of interest to the dancers of East Texas and dancers elsewhere. Jim & Gwyn.

Don’t just sit there; learn to ‘SQUARE DANCE’!!!!

If you found this website as a result of your search for a place to “learn” to Square Dance, this is the spot. First, let’s welcome you to the start of a new and exciting activity. Next, if you live in the area designated as East Texas Square and Round Dance Association, which is about 25 counties in the northeast section of Texas, then there are a couple of avenues you may take.

    1) On the sidebar to the left, click the ‘Clubs in East Texas’ page’ to locate a club near you which will have contact info for the officers of that club.

    2) Also on that page are listed the officers of the East Texas Association, with contact info, and any of them will be glad to assist you in your search to “learn” to Square Dance.

    3) If you do not live in the East Texas area, then you may click here, http://www.squaredancetx.com/districts.html for the other Texas Districts. If you cannot find your location, then contact us as noted in (5) below.

    4) If you live outside Texas, search for Square Dancing in your state.

    5) You may contact the webmaster, Jim & Gwyn Haynes at DancingWithJimAndGwyn@hughes.net and we will try to help you no matter where you live, just give your city/state location. We would enjoy helping you and would look forward to meeting you on the dance floor somewhere.

SQUARE DANCE Info "Newsletter" sign-up information:

We publish an "East Texas SD Newsletter". Our goal is to promote Square Dancing by providing information on dancing in East Texas and providing information on special dances/events that might be of interest to the dancers of East Texas and dancers elsewhere.

The Newsletter will have information about East Texas clubs, cancellations, location changes, and other news about local events. It will also have information about special dances and events that might be of interest for those who would travel to enjoy some great dancing in Texas, the surrounding states and even some dances in faraway places.

We do not sell, give away or use your address for other purposes.

To sign up to receive these Newsletters, just send us an email requesting you be added to our Newsletter mailing list. Please provide your name, city and state.

If you later decide you do not want to receive these newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe by sending us an email with that request.

Send your requests, questions or problems, to us at:

DancingWithJimAndGwyn@hughes.net .



To view the different pages of our website, click on the links in the sidebar.
Check below frequently to keep up on the latest postings, late breaking news, and the latest additions to our website.


Posted May ET Dances
(See Dances in East Texas page)
Posted "7 Day Alaskan Cruise"
May 22-29, 2015
(See Special Dances page)
Posted Special Dance
Sept. 18-19, 2015
(See Special Dances page)
Posted Special Dance
September 13-27, 2016
(See Special Dances page)
Posted April ET Dances
(See Dances in East Texas page)
DISCLAIMER: We strive to publish correct information but things can change faster than we can type, therefore it is not guaranteed. If you notice errors/omissions, please contact us. As always, it is a good idea to contact the club and verify times and locations.

If there is something you would like included on this site, contact us in writing. The standard for info to be included is it must meet our goal as stated above. Additionally, we must have the time and the ability to include the material.

Tenet to live by: "Nobody makes a greater mistake than if he did nothing because he could only do a little."------Edmund Burk


Pansy Hammonds 

Tag Em! Engraving 
Bruce Carter 

Click here for TAG EM! Engraving website.

Rhythm Creations 
Jimette Smith 713-682-7248

Click here for Rhythm Creations website.

Suzi's Ruffles 
Suzi Froberg 281-469-1951  or 800-469-1991

Click here for Suzi's Ruffles website.


Video Square Dance Lessons Online

This is a SPECIAL LINK to a great website and to videos of Mainstream and Plus Square Dance calls. It has videos that show all the calls, so the call can be reviewed before, during, or after one has taken lessons. It is an excellent tool to supplement the teaching of calls during a set of lessons or to review calls one may have a problem with. Larry Kraber, the caller on the videos, does an excellent job in this series. DVD's can be ordered for both the Mainstream and Plus set of calls.

Go to this link to view the calls or to get info on ordering the DVDs; http://videosquaredancelessons.com/lessons/



(Also see Round Dancing Page for more Round Dance Links)

63rd Nat SD Convention :  Website of the 63rd National Square Dance Convention in Little Rock, 2014.

A/C SqDance Home:  This great site contains information for those wanting info about Plus and above SD levels in Texas and surrounding states..

American Callers Association:  This site contains information for persons working to promote square dancing (especially officers and callers).

ASSDF:  Website of Arkansas State Square Dance Federation.

Ayres Pairs:  Website of Fred & Linda Ayres's Round Dance Club

Bluebonnet Squares:  Website of Bluebonnet Squares in Houston, TX.

CallerLab  exists to improve square dancing: To recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity.

Dance With Sam  information source for square dancing and square dance lessons in the central and south-central areas of Texas.

ETCA:  Listing of East Texas Callers Association.

ETSRDA:  Website of East Texas Square & Round Dance Association.

Flying Dandelions:  Website for a Square Dance Club in Germany.

Gary Shoemake:  Website of Gary Shoemake, caller from Sevierville, TN.

HOTSRDA:  Website of Heart of Texas Square and Round Dance Association .

HSRDC:  Website of Houston Square and Round Dance Council.

J.R.'s List:  Website of J.R.'s (of Petticoat Junction) Special SD listings.

Jacks n' Jills :  Website of Jacks n' Jills Square Dance Club in Jacksonville, TX.

Kirkwood Lodge, Missouri: The Lake of the Ozark getaway for families and Square Dancers.

LOG CABIN SWINGERS:  Website of Log Cabin Swingers Square Dance Club in Tool, TX.

LOTTIE AINSWORTH:  Website of Lottie Ainsworth, national caller from Eros, LA.

LRDTA:  Website of the Lousiana Round Dance Teachers Association

LSDA:  Website of the Lousiana Square Dance Association

Lufkin Pine Squares:  Website of Lufkin Pine Squares in Lufkin, TX.

NELDA EATON:  Website of Nelda Eaton, caller from New Boston, TX.

N.E. Oklahoma SD:  Website of the Northeast Oklahoma Square Dance Association

NORTEX:  Website of North Texas Square & Round Dance Association.

OCEAN WAVES SD CLUB:  Website of Ocean Waves Square Dance Club in Rockport, TX.

Oklahoma SD Federation:  Website of the Oklahoma SD Federation.

PEA PICKERS & SINGLE PEAS:  Website of Pea Pickers & Single Peas Square Dance Club of Athens, TX.

Petticoat Junction:  Website where JR's Special Square Dance list can be found.

TSCA:  Website of Texas State Callers' Assoaciation.

TSFSRD:  Website of Texas State Federation Square & Round Dancers. This site provides info and links to the happenings in Texas.

TIM TYL:  Website of Tim Tyl, national caller from White Oak, TX.

Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM: The premier square and round dance site.

Where'sTheDance : Great site for dances near and far.


Questions or comments about this site? Email us at: DancingWithJimAndGwyn@hughes.net .

Stay Young

Go Dancing

Jim and Gwyn Haynes